Senior Pictures… Could it be that time already?!


You know you need to get high school senior portraits taken, but WHEN is there time in the day?  The year before graduation, the calendar always seems to be full!  But then you remember… weren’t we just teaching them how to ride a bike… like “yesterday”?  As you’ve watched your “baby” grow up, you KNOW how fast time flies!  But sadly, you are becoming increasingly aware, that time waits for no one.  Sometimes you have to make time to celebrate special events.  One thing is for sure- Busy moms don’t have time for regret!  Missing this VERY fleeting moment before your kiddo leaves the nest would be tragic!  What if we could help you check “one more thing” off of your to-do list, AND make it easy to get high-quality professional photography that both you and your senior will love?  That would be a win-win, right?!


As one of Boise’s best senior photographers, we know how important it is to make the process both fun and simple.  Creating unique memories of who your child is, at this important stage in life, is what we do.  Capturing hobbies, interests, AND personality (and even their “real” smile!) is HUGE!  Life moves fast… look… you barely blinked and they went from a cuddly little baby to a high school graduate!


Busy moms don’t have time for regret!


CsiPhotoDesign is a team of professional photographers in Boise that specializes in making you look good!  We know what your senior wants AND what you need because we listen to what they want and what you need!  Good communication and expertise = Stunning images and a great experience!


Following these simple steps makes the process easy…


  • Set up a complimentary meet and greet here at the studio to discuss ideas, meet the photographer, and dream about what you want your experience to look like.
  • Schedule your Senior Session and your Reveal and Order Appointment during a time that works around your busy lives.
  • Show up with your outfits/ideas at your agreed-upon session date and location and get ready to have some fun! (Hair and makeup services are available- ask for a quote)
  • Bring your wish list to your Reveal and Order appointment to see your senior photos and order your wall portraits, gift prints, albums, and announcements so that everyone can see a glimpse of the young adult they’ve become.
  • Order your canvas prints framed, and we’ll even come out and hang them for you!


With every print you order, you can rest assured that each image is meticulously retouched to perfection. Not fake or plastic, just like them… on their very best day!  Because we stand behind our professional photography, we offer a complete promise of quality guarantee, so there’s no guessing as to “if” you’re going to love your photos.  We promise you will!


In the digital era, we live in, knowing that you will not be handed a bunch of unretouched files to sort through, that either end up sitting in a drawer or “live in the cloud” is a big part of our full-service photography studio!  Be honest… How many memories are trapped on your phone, computer, or social media account?  That’s why we’re here!  We help capture and print special moments, that you can touch, hold, and feel.  Memories that last well beyond the here and now.


We know that high school seniors love to share pics, so they’ll be happy to hear that we provide a sharable social media file of every image that you’ve ordered a retouched print from. The images are delivered as a digital photo app that lets you share with friends and family, too.  Now everyone gets what they want!


Win-Win!  Just show up, and the hard part is done!  One more thing off your plate, and the satisfaction of knowing you have incredible memories, and that your senior had a great experience.


BONUS: Every Senior Session comes with a future Family Portrait Session!  Capture everyone together before they leave home!


Call Csi Photo Design today and book your complimentary consultation to see what we can help you with!


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