The Photography Process

If you can dream it, we can do it!

Holy Moly, this can all be a little overwhelming, right?! So many “photographers” out there! Who to choose?

Well, you started at the right place. Online is a great place to get a basic idea of what you are really looking for. You have to decide what is really important to you. Is it the finished product or the experience or hopefully both?! That’s what we aim for!

You shouldn’t have to choose between the right products and the right services; our motto of “If you can dream it, we can do it…” applies right here! We want to create for you. We have the experience and the technical know how to design and create something for just about everyone. This is a customized experience that you play as much or as little of a role in as you want.

We realize that time is of the essence. So we take all of that into consideration during the process. There are some steps that can be rushed along or even skipped over altogether if you are the type to say, “you are the professional, just make it happen…” We can “make it happen”. However we also are happy to help the person who desires the full and complete custom experience every step of the way. So here are the basics…

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Pre-Session Consultation

  • Call 208-331-2287 for your complimentary pre-session consultation.
  • Come in to the studio, look around for yourself. Meet the artist and/or staff that will be helping you on this venture. You will be able to see examples of wall art, decor and cards that will help give the artist an idea of what “look” you want.
  • At your pre-session appointment we will be talking about many things. Some may seem relevant, some may not. Do not be surprised if we ask you where you shop in the mall… Oddly, it just might help us! We will go over location/background options, clothing choices, and ultimately what type of finished product will best suit your needs. If you Pinterest, we may even ask you to start a board, or if you already have, we’ll ask you to share it with us. It is also VERY helpful if you bring a few cell phone snapshots of your walls that you “might” want to use for portraits. We can even go over the best way to take these photos so we can eventually load them into our program that allows you to “see” your images on YOUR walls! And don’t worry, very often people come into these appointments without knowing exactly what they want. That’s what we’re here for! We can help!
  • If we haven’t already, we will set up an appointment time for your session. Make sure to bring your appointment book, and check with others involved to see what days or times of days will work best! We do have a 72 hour cancellation policy. We will also be setting up your portrait/reveal appointment, so it’s good to check the calendars of anyone else who wants to be involved!
  • You will be leaving a booking reservation of 250- when you schedule. If your scheduled session is less than that, the remainder will go towards your order. All major forms of payment are accepted.

Your Appointment

  • Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. However if you are running a few minutes late, please don’t stress. Call or text the number that will be given to you. We would rather have you a few minutes late than arrive ready to pull your hair out ;)
  • We will let you know about how long to schedule out for your session, but it’s nice to leave a little extra time around your appointment for parking and “life” that tends to happen.
  • Show up with your outfits and/or items that we discussed in the pre-consultation session and be ready for an adventure!

Relax and have fun!

  • This is YOUR session! Let’s play and have fun! Have an idea?  See something that you think is cool? Let us know and we’ll work together to have a great time and end up with stuff you’ll LOVE!
  • When all is said and done, we will finish up any remaining paperwork, if applicable, and then you’re done… now… just try and wait for your portrait reveal session!

After Your Session

  • Your images will be available to view during the portrait reveal and ordering session. This is usually a 7-10 days after your session, but in special circumstances, could be earlier or later.
  • During this time, all images from the session are downloaded, backed up, and then narrowed down to a reasonable number. Images are presented in various tones so that you have options, but most images are available any way. These first images are not retouched, but do have some light cropping and treatments applied. We like to make sure that you have enough images to choose from, but not so many that you can’t make a choice! We usually aim for 30-40 images to look at, usually one or two from each different pose or look. And don’t worry… if there’s some that we just aren’t sure about… we’ll show you!

Your Portrait Reveal Ordering Appointment

  • When you arrive at your ordering appointment, please remember, we will be placing your order that day. Make sure all family or friends who will be part of the decision making process are there at this scheduled time. One ordering appointment is included with your session fee, additional ordering appointments are 50-.  You should have already turned in your wall images, but if not, you will need to make sure that these images have been texted or emailed to save time during your appointment. We want to be able to see your images on YOUR walls, not on someone else’s.
  • CsiPhotoDesign LOVES small children, however for your own peace of mind, you might want to get a sitter or bring along a dedicated helper to watch the kiddos so you can focus on your finished products.
  • All images ordered are the images that will be meticulously hand finished and printed to specifications. These are also the images that will be available to be posted to FB at your discretion.
  • After your ordering appointment, we will go over all final details and finishes. Full payment is preferred at this time, but we can get started with as little as 50% down, and payment arrangements may be discussed if necessary.
  • All products will be ready for pick up in approximately 6-8 weeks, unless otherwise discussed. We will give you a call when your order is ready, but feel free to call at any time to check on the status of your prints. Full payment is required before any portion of the order is released. At the time of pick up, we can discuss any additional finishing or design services you may require.

We Are Here For You!

  • We are happy to answer ANY and ALL questions you might have. We believe that education is the key to any decision. It’s our job to educate, your job to decide.
  • Last step: Leave with your finished products in hand, and a smile on your face, and get ready to plan your next adventure to continue your personal storyline as you’re driving home and getting ready to display your newest pieces of decor!  Have fun handing out prints to your friends and family and watch them ooh and aah!
  • It is our goal that you LOVE your portraits, you WILL return AND you are willing to REFER us to friends and family! We want to make you feel as if you have found a professional that you can trust as your memory keeper, for now and for years to come. We don’t want one time “clients”, we want relationships where we know you and your family and we can watch your family or business grow! This is success… win-win :)
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