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CSI Photo Design offers the BEST promise of service and quality photography in the business. As members of Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of Idaho, and The Downtown Boise Association we have a code of ethics we honor, EVERY time.  As our A+ rating with the BBB will confirm, you will love your images.  We PROMISE.

CsiPhotoDesign Specializes in Custom Photography.

Serving the Treasure Valley since 1999, our experience is something that we have already learned, therefore we don’t have to “practice” on you. We know how to pose, we know how to light, we know how to get the best possible expressions. We do not cross our fingers, nor do we, “spray and pray” for good results. Having the confidence of experience is what separates CsiPhotoDesign from many of the other photography services around.

We have a GIANT selection of props, backgrounds, and even clothing options! For real, it’s crazy. Just ask to see, we offer more than any other studio with regard to options that allow us to create a unique style tailored just for you! From clothing selection to print selection to finished product, custom framing, and design… As a full service, finished product studio, we are here to consult and advise you EVERY step of the way.

Professional Knowledge

We have the latest technology to show you what your images will look like on YOUR wall! This is a HUGE part of the whole process of making sure you end up with appropriately sized prints that you will love. We can talk about this in your complimentary consultation.

CsiPhotoDesign never leaves you hanging with a disk or thumb drive full of images, in hopes that “one day” you will do something with them. We are the professionals, these are your memories that we are being entrusted with. We will give you tangible items that you can touch, hold and feel…, not products that will risk being damaged or lost on a disk, being destroyed in a hard drive crash, or that will become obsolete with time. Pictures are meant to be enjoyed, not just stored on a computer.

Award-winning artists will be working on your images to make sure you look the best you possibly can, while still being a true representation of you… nothing fake, nothing plastic. All you, but featured in a way to bring out the best!

Details Make The Difference

The finest industry standards are used to create every finished product. The utmost care is taken and always comes with a guarantee of satisfaction. If you can dream it, most likely, we can do it. We will work to bring your vision to life. QUALITY MATTERS!  See what we can do for you…



What is a custom photographer?


A custom photographer is unique. They sell a certain “look” or “style” not just 8×10 pieces of photographic paper or digital files. A custom photographer takes the time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and then adapt their training to meet your desires and needs. A custom photographer has spent years learning the techniques and spends much time continuing to educate themselves to stay current on the ever-changing tools of the trade so your images can stand out from the crowd. They invest far more than just time into making art for you to proudly display in your home, they invest a piece of themselves into every session.  Custom photography is more than having a really nice camera and taking nice snapshots. As good as technology is, there is no piece of equipment that will ever have the personality to evoke the mood and feel that it is necessary to forever preserve the essence of who you are.

  • A Custom Photographer Sells, Not Just Photographs, But Memories
  • A Custom Professional Photographer Captures Moments and Time
  • We Provide You With Something To Show For Your Time
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 Digital Files are nothing more than pixels.
Make MEMORIES, not pixels
We Provide You With Something REAL. For Now and For Later.